The Kids Club

Welcome to The Kids Club – dedicated to children between three and eight years old.

The Ridings Centre has launched The Kids Club to make sure that parents and children alike enjoy every minute of their visit to our shopping centre providing free fun events throughout the year for families, a fun activity trail for kids to complete as they walk around the centre to keep them entertained and also a free Welcome Pack when you sign up!

What we’ve done

After some extensive research, surveying parents who shop with us we have created some great new initiatives at the centre to try to keep your children entertained whilst you pop to the shops and pick up what you need. Our research told us that children not having enough to do whilst out shopping is the biggest pitfall, so here’s what we have coming up to help you out:

Top tips for shopping with the kids

We also have some Top Tips from our Kids Club Brand Ambassador Sam Wass from Channel 4’s The Secret Life of on how to make the most of shopping with your children:

Tick Tock – give them a clock! Time is a difficult concept for children to grasp, so giving them a clock or timer to look at would be a good way of helping them feel in control of the situation. Agree a time limit for being in the shop, encouraging them to watch it countdown – but when the time is up, mums and dads need to stick to their promise and leave the shop.

Tick It Off Make the experience interactive and agree a shopping checklist which children can help to tick off, understanding that once the list is complete, it’s time to go home. When doing the weekly food shop, stick to a familiar route along the aisles and ask them to help find the items they like: ‘Oh look, we’re in the cereal aisle, please can you find me the Ready Brek.’

Have a break
Plan regular breaks in between shops with intervals of play or refreshments to keep children stimulated and give structure to the trip.

Get signed up!

Sign up here to hear about all the latest events happening at the centre to keep your little ones happy whilst you are able to enjoy the shops or grab a cup of tea. You will also receive exclusive offers from our stores just for you.

So, click the button below, enter your details and sign up today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sign up

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