The Garden

8th September 2017

We’re extremely excited to announce the name of our eagerly anticipated new restaurant area and unveil computer generated images of how the space is expected to look when it opens this autumn.

Fitting for its al fresco feel, the new restaurant area will be known as The Garden. The name not

only reflects the outdoor-inspired design of the space, but is also a nod to our old food court

– ‘In The Garden’ – which was the first of its kind in the UK.

Artist’s impressions of The Garden reveal a modern, inviting space. For a rustic vibe with a contemporary twist, the colour scheme features luscious leafy greens, rich earthy browns and soft metallic accents. Taking centre stage in the area is an artificial oak tree which will provide a stunning visual focal point for the space, in addition to enhancing the peaceful atmosphere.

Our centre director, Lee Appleton, commented: “Taking inspiration from God’s Own Country, The Garden will provide a rustic retreat for our shoppers. We’re pulling out all the stops to create a food and beverage offering our customers will enjoy being in as they spend time with family and friends, or take a break from browsing the shops.”

“We’re so thrilled to be able to tell our customers more about this exciting project and we can’t wait to welcome our first diners in October.”

In addition to our new food outlets, other upgrades to the centre’s facilities will include a kids’ play area called The Den and new customer toilets.