We’re proud to be at the heart of Wakefield and work throughout the year to support a number of community initiatives, both large and small.

Reducing loneliness a Cuppa at a Time (photo also needed here too)

We’re committed to reducing loneliness and social isolation in Wakefield and have been working closely with AgeUK Wakefield District in 2017 to set up a number of initiatives, one of which is our Cuppa Club event, which takes place on the first Thursday of every month in our middle mall events space. The events include free afternoon tea and activities such as dance workshops, crafts and live music and they provide people of all ages with a safe and welcoming environment to socialise and meet new friends. Local service providers such as West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and Wakefield Council also support our Cuppa Club guests, providing advice and information which can help improve their day to day lives.


Wakefield Families and Babies (FAB)

We’re delighted that Families and Babies Wakefield have chosen us as their new home for 2018. They provide a wealth of support and advice on infant feeding and wellbeing and are a one-stop shop for parents.

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